Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Beka Books

We are on lesson #152 today! Feeling pretty successful at the moment. I am very pleased with our decision to use A Beka as our home-school curriculum. The video streaming has been effective and convenient. I like that I do not have to store dvds  - it's not like I have the space for two sets. The boys and I have thoroughly enjoyed the video teachers. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • we ordered books through the book display here in Huntsville to receive a 10% discount - early enrollment and first time discounts also applied.
  • the books arrived very quickly
  • I had originally signed up to start the streaming from August 1st and they give you a year to complete the videos, but I found that I want to start planning before August 1st. SO this year we will sign up for July instead.
  • the 4th grade video manual was still being compiled due to new video recording from the previous year (so no nasally sounding teacher!) They did send me a couple pages of digital lesson plans to help me get started.
  • the video manual is a great tool - only available through 6th grade. It actually has everything laid out in lesson plan form.
  • we started out watching all the videos, but after about 2 months we decided the video was unnecessary for spelling, reading, handwriting, and some language (skipping may depend on how well your child already understands what need to be done).
  • kindergarten teacher is EXCELLENT!
  • A Beka will allow you to tour their Christian School facility and meet and greet the video teachers - THIS is an AWESOME opportunity. My kids loved getting to meet their teachers. It made school real!

We are getting ready to order next years books. We are sticking with A Beka streaming for at least one more year, We are THAT satisfied! It's not for everyone, and it may not be fore us every year, but as of now it works for us!