Friday, May 27, 2016


I recently purchased my home school curriculum for the 2016-2017 school year. I went back and forth with different ideas of what I could do and what I should do vs. what I want to do and what I am capable of. It all came down to ME. Having only ever taught school the traditional way, I felt it only made sense to enter into this new phase of life with the least complicated and stress free method. After all, I do still have a 2 year old running around here. So we are going the A Beka Video Streaming Route. I was actually very impressed with the videos. I can monitor my two children while tending to my toddler. My oldest will be in fourth grade and my second will begin kindergarten. Having spent 15 years teaching high school, I am more than happy to let someone else teach the basics of elementary education. I have always been pleased with the instruction that A Beka provides in Grammar and elementary math. When we begin middle school subjects, I may, however, take a different approach to some studies.

One night my husband and I looked up videos from the A Beka website. We sampled a few classes that would involve our children. Although it is not live, the kindergarten teacher does an excellent job involving the students at home in the classroom activities. The fourth grade teacher is very nasally in her speech, which at some point will definitely drive me crazy. I will invest in head phones! Overall, I look forward to a relaxing "teaching" year. I will keep you posted as I "un-box" my curriculum books and share my home school supply purchases! We are planning a trip to IKEA to start furnishing our home school room!!! SO EXCITED!


Pilar said...

I was really hoping to get my material from Abeka before we left, but I guess it will be waiting for me after my trip. You will love the videos, but if not, isn't cool that homeschooling offers us the chance to change our minds :). Looking forward reading/hearing about your "new start.